Virtual Management Center


Performance, speed, agility – without an easy, unified way to manage your virtual environment, it’s what’s at stake. StrataCloud’s award-winning Virtualization Management Center (VMC) is the most comprehensive solution for optimal management of VMware-based infrastructure. Our modularized capabilities offer centralized monitoring and reporting, resource right-sizing, capacity planning and configuration management.

Built on StrataCloud’s unified, data-centric architecture, VMC provides the most granular and accurate visibility into what’s happening across your virtual infrastructure, and the situational intelligence to manage it as a unified system. Combined with a single point of management, VMC lets you make intelligent, validated decisions that speed deployment, optimize performance, right-size capacity and increase IT productivity.

What Can You Do With StrataCloud VMC?

  • Right-size workloads for optimal infrastructure investment
  • Automate the deployment of new hosts
  • Manage complex, dynamic virtual environments more effectively
  • Capitalize on your existing virtualization investment
  • Increase performance on your virtual infrastructure
  • Minimize downtime
  • Use adaptive automation for configuration changes to hosts and virtual machines
  • Provide flexibility and scalability of IT resources
  • Maintain a reliable virtualized infrastructure running critical business applications