Technical Management Consulting

Your early-stage software company faces lots of questions all at once… Are we choosing the right technologies? How do we make sure the engineering team is building the right thing? How do we hire the best engineers? Do we need an engineering manager or product manager? What should we be looking for in strategic hires? 

At this stage, a small amount of strategic advice can go a long way in keeping you from wasting time or money. The StrataCloud team brings decades of building software products and services and the organizations that deliver them effectively. We can help with:

  • How to structure effective Product and Engineering organizations
  • Implementing agile, market-driven product development beyond stories, points, and sprints
  • Determining need for strategic hires (VP of Engineering, CTO, Head of Product, etc)
  • Vetting a key technical hire
  • Assessment of product development processes, recruiting, onboarding, etc.
  • Architecture reviews
  • Technical due diligence for any major decisions (acquisitions, replatforming, etc.)