StrataCloud Secures Patent for Unified Infrastructure Management

Virtualization Query Language (VQL) implementation patent will help StrataCloud simplify the management of multi-platform IT infrastructure for enterprise customers.

StrataCloud Secures Patent for Unified Infrastructure Management

Patent Awarded for StrataCloud’s Innovative Use of Data Modeling to Simplify the Management of Multi-Platform IT Infrastructure for Enterprise Customers

Atlanta, Georgia – August 21, 2014 – StrataCloud, a provider of unified infrastructure management solutions for virtual, converged and cloud environments, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved a patent covering proprietary uses of information processing using a language to manage IT environments. This proprietary technology is used to simplify and automate IT infrastructure management allowing users to make intelligent, validated decisions that fully optimize performance, capacity and productivity.

StrataCloud’s patented technology represents the industry’s first unified data model for IT infrastructure enabling organizations to operate their IT infrastructure as a single system instead of individual components. A language-oriented data model of IT infrastructure offers cross-vendor visibility and automation that speeds deployments, optimizes performance, and right-sizes capacity of IT systems.

“Companies today use a range of platforms that can be complex and expensive to manage,” says Brian Cohen, CEO at StrataCloud. “Our focus is on knocking down the silos that exist in the data center between compute, storage, networking and hypervisors, and simplifying the management of these resources. This patent will help our customers manage their infrastructure resources consistently and efficiently.” 

Unified management products on the market today are failing to meet customer needs. Integrating hardware and software systems is time consuming and companies are wasting valuable resources dealing with vendor specific API interfaces. Likewise, because integrations are so complex, companies are limited by the breadth and scalability of platforms with which they can integrate.

StrataCloud’s language abstraction of the IT infrastructure offers a simpler way to integrate disparate IT systems at the data level. Rather than requiring developers to implement each vendor’s unique API methods, developers can use a high level IT infrastructure specific language that spans compute, network, storage, and software systems in their applications. StrataCloud’s patented technology offers a consistent and generic method to describe, query and manipulate the entire data center resulting in quicker deployments and improved data management capabilities for complex, multi-platform environments.

StrataCloud currently uses its patented technology to deliver distinct advantages in the marketplace, such as:

  • Data-driven, unified architecture – StrataCloud’s solution is built on a data-driven architecture that provides the most granular and accurate visibility into what’s happening across all the components of a company’s infrastructure so they can manage it in a unified way. 
  • Situational intelligence – StrataCloud intuitively understands how complex IT infrastructures operate as a system. It analyzes and prioritizes data within the context of a company’s unique IT and business requirements so they can intelligently manage their infrastructure to service-level demands.
  • Adaptive automation – StrataCloud does more than just analyze and report; it can take action. Its adaptive automation capabilities put customers in control so that they can determine if and when they want the system to take corrective action automatically or when they use the data-driven, validated recommendations to quickly respond.

Gartner says the unified infrastructure management market will reach $6 billion this year, up 50% over 2013. StrataCloud recently raised $2 million to help achieve its sales, marketing and product objectives in the infrastructure management space, and appointed Brian Cohen to CEO.

About StrataCloud

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, StrataCloud provides unified infrastructure management solutions for virtual, converged and cloud environments. Its data-driven architecture delivers a single, granular view of operations with the situational intelligence required for companies to optimize their IT infrastructures. By simplifying and automating infrastructure management, StrataCloud allows IT staffs to make intelligent, validated decisions that speed deployment, optimize performance, right-size capacity and increase productivity.  StrataCloud solutions are used to manage some of the largest mission critical virtual environments in a variety of industries including hospitality, financial services, healthcare, service providers and more. Learn more at

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