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SDI Flexible Scalable Platform

StrataCloud SDI is a Flexible, Scalable Platform

Each StrataCloud SDI solution is built on a unified architecture that is
designed to scale and grow with an enterprise's infrastructure requirements.
The first solution offered on StrataCloud SDI is SDI Install.

Built to accomodate growing list of hardware

Built to Accommodate a Growing List of Data Center Hardware

Adapters written in Java enable StrataCloud SDI to connect with a growing list of data center hardware.
An initial set of adapters support NetApp storage and Cisco compute and networking components and FlexPod.

Single console for deployment

With a Single Console for Deployment, Provisioning
and Management

StrataCloud produces a logical model of infrastructure to normalize any hardware
component, understand how systems are connected, and read and write to
infrastructure in a consistent manner from a single interface.

Powerful metrics and alerts

And a Powerful System for Metrics and Alerts

A continuous query processing engine records system health and status metrics
as fast as the data becomes available. Current or historical details about the
system can be accessed at any time using VQL, StrataCloud's lightweight,
powerful domain-specific language.

The first product available on the StrataCloud SDI platform is SDI Install. Learn more.

SDI Install