Software Consulting

StrataCloud helps companies scale out their software offerings. We now offer our expertise in data scale-out and infrastructure automation on a project basis. Recent projects have included:

Data Visualization We implemented an analytics as a service platform and integrated the client’s production data. This allowed them to get a multidimensional view into their customers’ engagement with the product allowing them to make informed product and operational decisions. It also allowed their product and marketing teams to build their own visualizations and dashboards.

Marketing Automation We developed a deep integration to allow one client to drive user engagement through MailChimp, based on real-time operational data.

Payment and Subscription Integration We developed an integration to create Stripe accounts and subscriptions.  

Public API Design We worked with a client to analyze traffic patterns and enhance their public API to better serve their customers. 

Specific areas we can help with:

  • Data visualization using analytic platforms and with internal tools like D3
  • Modeling and implementing machine learning predictive analytics
  • Migrating monolithic architectures to distributed microservices
  • Moving from scale-up relational databases to scale-out data strategies
  • API design and implementation