SDI Install

How It Works

By streamlining and automating key processes, SDI Install significantly reduces the time and expertise required to install and configure converged infrastructure, enabling value added resellers to deploy high-quality infrastructure solutions faster and more consistently.



Centralized Best Practices


Codify and store validated designs and reference architectures centrally as blueprints that provide frameworks to speed new infrastructure configurations. Upload existing files or build new blueprints to create standardized, repeatable deployment frameworks.

Customized Project Files

Quickly merge blueprints with parameter files, or spreadsheets specifying infrastructure variables, to create unique project files. Copy, edit and save projects for future reference or reuse for similar installations. Upload wiring diagrams and save to the project.


Automated Validation and Configuration


Launch automated configuration processes and quickly move onto the next workflow. SDI Install notifies you of the progress of each installation project. Verify that all hardware is in place, wired and can communicate properly. SDI Install identifies any discrepancies in the design before configuration begins and suggests appropriate remediation.