Capacity Planning & Optimization

  • Capacity Planning & Optimization

    Virtualization Management Center (VMC)


    View data-driven recommendations for proper VM sizing across CPU and memory and implement the appropriate changes, while optimizing resource utilization on an ongoing basis.

    Resource Utilization

    Backed by data-driven evidenced surfaced in dashboards and reports, leverage granular historical data and resource utilization trends to provide resource recommendations that optimize efficiency and performance.

    Performance & Efficiency Optimization

    Detect bottlenecks inside the virtual infrastructure, over utilized or under utilized VMs, performance issues of critical applications, and outages so you can improve application service levels and expedite troubleshooting with detailed forensics for root cause analysis.

    Data Socialization

    Share data collected in the solution through chart publishing, APIs and report automation to provide visibility into infrastructure performance to your organization.

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    Leverage extensive reporting to engage in capacity planning to maximize CAPEX/OPEX as you reclaim unused resources and identify and resolve potential future issues. Get all this and more with our 30-day trial.

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    vCapacity Planning
    vCapacity takes our granular historical data, resource utilization trends and configuration context to provide right-sizing for efficient utilization of resources and optimal performance within the virtualized data center. All of the information is backed up by data-driven evidence surfaced in dashboards and reports.

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    vWatch Monitoring
    vWatch Monitoring technology provides comprehensive visibility into the virtual environment. You can manage and monitor through real-time and historical insight into infrastructure topology, configuration changes, performance metrics and resource utilization.

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    vProfile Configuration
    vProfile Configuration allows you to take control of the virtual environment. You can analyze and report on configuration changes while enforcing consistency of configuration across virtual machines, VMware ESX hosts and VMware Virtual Center.

What Can You Do With StrataCloud VMC?

  • Right-size workloads for optimal infrastructure investment
  • Automate the deployment of new hosts
  • Manage complex, dynamic virtual environments more effectively
  • Capitalize on your existing virtualization investment
  • Increase performance on your virtual infrastructure
  • Minimize downtime
  • Use adaptive automation for configuration changes to hosts and virtual machines
  • Provide flexibility and scalability of IT resources
  • Maintain a reliable virtualized infrastructure running critical business applications

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