This week’s top stories in software-defined infrastructure, May 23 – 27

Brian Sommer unpacks the multi-tenant vs. multi-instance private cloud application debate in a Diginomica article this week. According to Sommer, “During a keynote at ServiceNow’s recent Knowledge 16 user conference, COO Dan McGee discussed how ServiceNow offers a multi-instance solution instead of a multi-tenant cloud solution. I don’t know how much of that went over the heads of the audience but it did catch my attention. And, interestingly, since both approaches have their pros and cons, application software buyers should pay attention to the differences. It could matter to your firm.”

NetApp will roll out the latest version of its ONTAP storage operating system next week, ZDNet reports. The efficiency-focused storage OS is optimized for flash and can offer 15TB solid state drives in an array, while data compaction technology makes it possible to store more information in a smaller footprint.

No, everything is not moving to the public cloud. That’s according to Steve Garrison’s column in WhaTech this week, “Here’s why private and hybrid cloud are here to stay.” Garrison reasons that the cost of running large workloads in the public cloud and the internal security controls that some industries mandate will keep at least some enterprise data on premises for the long term. His most compelling argument for private and hybrid clouds’ longevity, however, comes down to a question of choice. “Enterprise customers want to be able to choose the cloud solution that’s best for them, and they don’t want to be mandated to use public cloud if their circumstances dictate otherwise.”

The hybrid cloud offers golden opportunities for resellers, Pure Storage channel manager Ben Goodman told ChannelLife this week. “What we’re seeing with the advent of flash and some of these next-generation technologies, whether they’re infrastructure-centric or application-centric, is the first tranche of customers moving back from cloud into next-generation on-premises technology,” Goodman said.

And Don Basile at TechCrunch offers further insights into how big data growth — which according to will increase by a thousandfold by 2020 — has changed the rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive storage market.

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