This week’s top stories in software defined infrastructure, June 6 – 10

Cloud infrastructure market soars; hybrid cloud is the future of IT infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure market is growing fast with HPE, Cisco and Microsoft in the lead. With the help of these three cloud giants, spending on private cloud hardware, public cloud hardware and cloud infrastructure software grew 20 percent last year. With total spending on data center infrastructure averaging $29 billion over the last eight quarters, Synergy Research Group predicts continued growth in all three segments. According to the firm’s Founder and Chief Analyst Jeremy Duke, “We continue to see a big swing towards spend on private cloud infrastructure as companies seek to benefit from more flexible and agile IT technology. The transition to cloud still has a long way to go.”

The debate over whether public or private cloud is more secure continues. Private cloud is useful for keeping all sensitive information in a secure environment; however, failing to  upgrade private cloud technology can leave enterprises open to security threats. Many public cloud providers recognize the possible security threats that come from storing data publicly and have responded by offering more sophisticated security. While each has its pros and cons, there is one thing public and private cloud have in common. As MSPMentor explains, one of the most important security measures is training employees to adopt security best practices and adhere to regulatory standards, regardless of where data resides.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the value in implementing a private cloud. Windows IT Pro explains why your enterprise needs private cloud and what infrastructure managers should be focusing on. “One of the main reasons to implement a private cloud is to gain better management over your virtualized infrastructure and be able to better provide services to end users and the business,” Deb Donston-Miller writes. She advises taking advantage of both public and private cloud technologies in order to get the largest return on your infrastructure investments.

According to Government Technology, hybrid cloud is not going away anytime soon. A vast majority of enterprises have begun implementing cloud technology. In a recent industry survey, only 8 percent of surveyed organizations reported zero cloud investment, while 41 percent said they planned to migrate half or more of their organization to the cloud within the next five years. Results indicate that most organizations plan to maintain a hybrid environment, with 62 percent of respondents saying it was unlikely that their organization would ever move entirely to the public cloud.

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