This week’s top stories in software-defined infrastructure, June 27 – July 1

Hybrid cloud is on the rise, Cisco increases its cloud portfolio with a new acquisition

2016 has proven to be a huge year for cloud infrastructure, IT Brief reports. The results of a 2016 Cloud Adoption Survey written by Thomas Borrell showed that private cloud is quickly giving way to hybrid cloud. More than three quarters of responders claimed that their shift towards hybrid cloud is heavily driven by security concerns. Hybrid cloud allows IT departments to “strike a balance between protecting the network and offering a flexible infrastructure,” Borrell writes. The report suggests that cloud computing will most likely account for the majority of new IT spending.

IT pros with cloud skills are in high demand according to a recent IT Skills and Salary Survey. The mean salary for IT professionals in the cloud computing space was reported to be $115,826. Pros with some sort of cloud certification can expect to make an extra $4,000 a year. According to IT decision makers, professionals with experience in cloud computing were the third most difficult role to fill, preceded only by IT security and IT architecture.

A study released by Market Research Store reports that the virtual private cloud (VPC) is expected to grow an estimated CAGR of 26.35 percent by 2022. In VPC, a private cloud solution is provided in a public cloud infrastructure, which allows the user to maintain the security of a private cloud while gaining the easy setup of public cloud. “The need for low cost disaster recovery solutions and easy installation are driving the VPC market,” says market researcher Nisha Roy. The current leaders in VPC acquisition are small to medium enterprises and small to medium businesses.

Cisco is continuing its campaign to become a bigger player in the cloud infrastructure market with its acquisition of cloud security provider CloudLock, Fiercetelecom reports. This acquisition is one of many cloud-based enterprises Cisco has purchased recently, including Lancope, OpenDNS and Sourcefire. CloudLock will provide Cisco with its cloud access security broker technology, which allows enterprises to easily see analytics pertaining to user behavior and sensitive data in cloud services including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

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