Deliver converged infrastructure systems faster with four simple process changes

Adoption of converged infrastructure (CI) systems is on the rise — according to IDC, worldwide converged systems revenue reached $10.6 billion in 2015, an 8.3 increase over 2014 revenues. IDC defines the market in three distinct segments: Integrated Systems, Certified Reference Systems, and Hyperconverged Systems.

StrataCloud’s SDI Install software is designed to simplify the deployment of what IDC calls Certified Reference Systems, which are designed with components from multiple technology vendors. According to a press release summarizing the results of IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker, combined Cisco/NetApp solutions are the top selling converged infrastructure in that category, with 47 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2015.

SDI Install initially works for the popular FlexPod systems, built from NetApp storage and Cisco networking and compute hardware. FlexPods are highly flexible and scalable, according to NetApp, with a wide variety of configuration options and component types. This flexibility means FlexPods can support a wide variety of workloads, making them a popular choice for today’s enterprise data centers. But because they are designed with multiple components, enterprises often rely on systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) to design the best configuration for their needs and deploy the combined system into their data centers.

As demand for converged systems such as FlexPods continues to grow, organizations that design and deploy FlexPods will face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality converged systems faster. As the StrataCloud engineering team worked with enterprise IT departments and VARs to build software that simplifies design and deployment, they noticed that several of the most common pain points could be remedied not only through software, but also with a few simple process changes. Their tips are summarized in a new infographic, “4 Strategies for Streamlining FlexPod Design & Deployment.”




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